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Health, Safety And Environment

  • Primary concern of SOS is the personal safety and health of each employee.SOS believes that all accidents are preventable. The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses is of such importance that it will be given precedence over all operating productivity.SOS management is fully committed in achieving its policy objective and provide all mechanical and physical facilities required for personnel safety and health in keeping with the highest standard,

  • Adherence to these safety philosophies is a top priority, not only for managers and supervisors, but for each employee. Each employee understands that he is the supervisor of his own safety and the safety of his co-workers.SOS expects every employee to act in a logical and mature way with the primary objective being the welfare of himself and his co-workers.

  • SOS keeps a consistent effort for safety and work procedures by promoting personnel safetyawareness, safety training and mitigation of unsafe work practices with no compromise on matters relating to safety..
  • In order to achieve our objective, our HSE programs include:
  • Conducting a program of HSE inspections and audit to recognize and eliminate unsafe working conditions or practice, to control health hazard and encourage full compliance with the safety and health standards on each and every job,
  • Providing mechanical and physical safeguards to the maximum extent possible and practicable, fully following stringent code of manufacturers recommendations with no deviation or short cuts.
  • Imparting training to all employees in good safety and health through regular on going in-house institutes in Kuwait.
  • Developing and strictly enforcing INTEGRATEDMANAGEMENT SAFETY POLICY and procedures and requiring that employees follow the rules and regulations as a pre-condition of employment.
  • Investigating promptly and thoroughly, each and every accident and all types of near-misses, to find out the root causes and take action to prevent its recurrence.
  • This INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SAFETY POLICY also applies to all sub-contractor personnel working for SOS.SOS pursues a strong environmental program that prioritizes environmental responsibility and achieves environmental excellence.SOS pledges to seek proactive management opportunities for improved environmental results while complying with EMS Laws and regulations and other applicable regulations.SOS thrives to continual improvement on environmental performance through regular self-assessment and performance measurements and through regular internal audits.SOS ensures that all employees understand their role in achieving superior environmental performance.
  • SOS demonstrates and promotes pollution prevention, Environmentalpreparedness, Waste minimization and recycling.
  • SOS works with government and other organizations to establish programs that safeguard the community and work place and protect the environment.
  • SOS promotes the wise use of natural resources and energy as a good investment for customers and environment.