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STC34100 CNC lathe

About Img

STC22100 main parameters

Item Unit Data Note
Max swing over bed mm 800
Max cutting length mm 1000
Max diameter of workpiece mm 219 Electric chuck
Spindle bore diameter mm 240
Spindle bore diameter mm 260 Hydraulic chuck
Chuck Chuck diameter and type Φ630 electric chuck(dual chuck system)
X-axis rapid feed rate m/min 4
Z-axis rapid feed rate m/min 8
X-axis travel mm 300
Z-axis travel mm 1000 Electric chuck
Tool bar type SLD21004N Four vertical
Workpiece size mm φ114~φ219 Electric chuck
Overall dimensions mm 3792×1928×2060 1000
Accuracy IT7
Machining flatness 0.030 mm /φ400 mm
Machining roughness Ra1.6μm
Positioning accuracy X-axis 0.03mm
Positioning accuracy Z-axis 0.04 mm